Are you Working Out your best?…… every single time?

Alot of people THINK they are, I myself even thought this for years untill something happened to me that put me out of the gym, and working hard for almost 1 1/2 YEAR!

The X-Ray of my back (not at its worst) that got took in the cold room of my Chiropractors office; He’s a bad ass by the way 😉

shows how the slight missaligment from working out WRONG caused me so much pain.

You might not notice much but my Neck was getting twisted one way, my Shoulders were un even and lack mobilaty, my Back was not straight and curving from side to side slightly and twisting trying to correct its self to opptimize my chances of survival and continue functioning even if it hurt.

My Hips (where it all started) where un even and one twisted more forward than the other… 

What Happened?

Even tho I was looking good It was short lived..

It all happened actually at one of my peak Leg gainz times, My Squat everyday for 1 month challenge had ended with awsome fakin hams, glutes and quads.

So I decided to keep it going… BIG MISSTAKE! the lack of corrective stretching gave me lack of mobility. 

I started to notice my right hip would fell like it was stabbing into my quads and after a while it transittion into my back, like a virus it spread, and i didnt even know why.

I had developed a MUSCULAR INBALANCE. 

Chiropractor told me I had a short leg.

I went to a chiropractor and he ended up telling me i had one leg shortter than the other… I was like WTF how?

Then he told me he couldn’t do anything about it.. I was a little heart broken but at the same time i was callin bull fakin shet..

So I ended up going to another chiropractoe and he took the X-ray above and did all thes postural test and lord #bless this man because he found out what it really was!

After repeated visits and roughly $400 later i was finally not in so much pain.

“My Neck, My Back, Lick my…”

How did my neck and back get all fak up?

Well I’m Glad you read that as a question my friend!

Our body is what is called a Kinetic chain, where movement from one area of our body affects the other next to it.

Once my hips lost mobility my body took away from my back to make up for it and from my back my neck and so on.

If I was lifting with the Proper Basic fundamentals and Mobility exercises, I would of had $400 to spend at the club.

That is why you must know the CORRECT FUNDAMENTALS even if you have lifted for years like me. and the CORRECT MOBILITY EXERCISES

I know everyone can’t afford a trainer, I know if i could I would have never gotten hurt in the first place.

So I made this! Straight from my Personal training coursed, and even better from my Personal EXPERIECE haha I came up with the Basic fundamentals everyone

must know about lifting, without having to pay anywhere near $400 like i did having to learn the hard way. 

Table of context will give you an overview and tell you all the things you’ll expect and learn, followed in order just as a Personal Trainer Would teach!

  • Introduction
  • Stability and Mobility Phase1
  • kinetic chain
  • Stretching
  • Stability
  • Activating the Core
  • Hips/Thoracic spine Movement
  • Stabilizing the shoulders
  • Ankle Mobilization
  • Balance
  • Movement training Phase2
  • Function Explain
  • Bend and Lift
  • Lunge/ Single leg Stand
  • Pushing/ Pulling Movements
  • Rotational Movements
  • Motivating Words
  • Free Gift!!

Home Workouts

Workouts You can Start with at your own home! to learn the basics and transfer over into the gym, daily task, or any sport!

Corrective Instructions

Learn the what not to do’s! and what how to correct them!

At Gym Workouts

Also includes some workouts to get you started for once you’re ready to hit the gym!

The Average Personal Training Session for 1 Hour Cost $50. Just to have a Trainer Teach all this usually averages around 2 WEEKS or more depending how fast you learn. Depending how many sessions a week you go that can easily add up to be $300-$500! My Workout Basics Ebook wont cost anywhere near that. The book will sell for a one time payment of $25 That’s less than most supplements people buy. So Get your copy Today!

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